We update the aviation geo data every day at 4:30 pm. And the DABS hourly, However, we cannot guarantee it.
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Welcome to our interactive drone map for Switzerland! As a drone pilot, it's essential to know the areas where flying is prohibited or limited to ensure the safety of people and property on the ground, as well as other airspace users such as planes and helicopters. Our map displays all the necessary information about national and cantonal restrictions to help you plan your drone flights accordingly. National and Cantonal Restrictions: The following restrictions apply in Switzerland: Using our interactive drone map, you can quickly check the relevant area restrictions before each flight and plan accordingly to ensure a safe and enjoyable drone flying experience. Keep in mind that failure to comply with the restrictions could lead to fines or other legal consequences. So, always be sure to follow the rules and fly responsibly.
In addition, with our Easy Fly Zones (30m and 150m), you can quickly and easily find a place where you can fly drones without any problems.
The Easy Fly Zones are places that are (30m or 150m) away from settlements, forests, power and telephone lines, and railways and are not in any no-fly zones.

Start exploring our map now and discover the beauty of Switzerland from above while respecting the airspace regulations!